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Residential Wood Fences

Tru-Link, serving Chicagoland since 1952, has the most extensive selection of wood fences, over 100 styles. From the simplicity of our picket fence to more customized designs like the San Juan, Tru-Link has a wood fence to serve whatever the purpose. We at Tru-Link use only the highest quality of wood materials. Lumber species to choose from include:

  • Copperwood: 25 year warranty against rot, decay and insect infestation.
  • Western Red Cedar: Tru-Link’s most popular wood choice. Preferred by the fence industry for appearance, quality and resistance to the elements.
  • Northern White Woods: Our Economy choices are of prefabricated panels. More commonly known as Stockade.

Our Copperwood and Western Red Fences are Custom Built on site to best accommodate land variations and job required changes. Tru-Link can also accommodate Custom Designs for those who choose to have a aesthetically unique fence. Our Installers at Tru-Link are truly Wood Fence Artisans.