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Fence Warranties

Each Tru-Link fence is warrantied for three (3) years against defects in workmanship. Gate closure and locking mechanisms are warrantied for one (1) year against defects in workmanship. Warranties do not cover damage caused by Acts of God, weather, impact or other conditions beyond the control of Tru-Link Fence. Customer failure to pay in accordance with the contract voids all warranties. All other warranties expressed or implied with limitation warranties of quality, fitness and merchantability, are excluded.

Active Yards Aluminum & PVC

ActiveYards Warranty

Ozark Timber Copperwood

Ozark Warranty

Merchants Metals

Aluminized Steel Chain Link Fence Warranty

Color Coated Chain Link Fence Warranty

Galvanized Chain Link Fence Warranty


Montage Plus Welded Ornamental Fence

Montage Plus Welded Ornamental Fence


SimTek Fence Warranty